Lund host for strongest MRI scanner in Sweden

Sweden has got its first seven Tesla MRI scanner. The 40 ton scanner had to be lowered into place at the Lund University Bioimaging Centre (LBIC) at Skåne University Hospital. Until now, the most powerful MRI scanners in Sweden that are used on humans have had a magnetic field of three Tesla.


The weather was kind when the over 40 ton MRI scanner was lifted into the hospital.

The new MRI scanner is therefore over twice as powerful as other MRI scanners in the country and will enable studies of different parts of the body with a very high resolution.

“We will be able to produce much better images”, said a happy and relieved Freddy Ståhlberg after the installation of the scanner.

Freddy Ståhlberg is head of LBIC and has been in charge of the long process of applying for funding from the Swedish Research Council, procuring the scanner and getting it into place, which has taken several years.

“With a seven Tesla scanner, researchers will be able to undertake work such as studying the brain in very high resolution to see the first signs of brain changes in Alzheimer’s disease. This could open up opportunities for both earlier and more effective treatment.”

The scanner could also be used to study other parts of the body. Diseases in joints and extremities and cancer in various parts of the body can be studied with as yet unrivalled technology.

“There is quite a lot of work still to be done on the installation and start-up of the machine. In a few months’ time the scanner will be ready for operation”, said Freddy Ståhlberg.

The scanner is the latest addition to the Lund University Bioimaging Centre and will be a national resource for researchers across Sweden.

Text and photo: Johanna Sandahl